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Pacers Cheer Pals is a cheer team put together by Tiffany's Cheer & Dance Studio & the Indiana Pacers to help encourage crowd involvement, and entertain at select Indiana Pacers Home Games once a month during the Pacer season! The team performs a 1 minute routine during a time out to music that includes cheer, dance, tumbling, and stunts! Cheer Champions is the only all-star cheer program in Indiana to offer this opportunity!

Indiana Pacers Cheer Pals requirements:
Age: 5-10 as of August 31, 2019. & Must be a Cheer Champion Member

 Applicants are judged on:  Appearance, Jumps, Flexibility, Tumbling, Stunting, Ability to pick up material quickly, & Performance!  

Email from Michelle Duggan announcing the Pacer Pal Team for 2019-2020:
Hi Tiffany,

WHAT A WONDERFUL GROUP OF YOUNG LADIES!  Thank you so much for all you do to make the Pacers Cheer Pals the BEST!!!  Wow! I think we had a record year…15 cheerleaders at auditions and they were all so talented!  As you know, the more candidates we have, the harder it is to choose the team.  I am pleased to announce the 2019-20 Pacers Cheer Pals are:

Yazmyn C.

Bella H.

Jaylea J.

Izzy K.

Miley M.

Ella R.

Mia S.

Lyla S.

Congratulations to the young ladies that made the team this year!  We encourage everyone to work hard this year and come back next season! 



Indiana Pacemates coach Michelle Duggan selects the team. 
Pacers Cheer Pals practice 1 day a week for an hour.  Practice day is determined after tryouts.

Cost for Pacer Pals is $25/month beginning in October-April.
Pacers Cheer Pal Members will each receive 3 Pacer Game tickets to each game they perform once a month & The chance to perform in front of an NBA crowd!
Pacer Game attendance is mandatory.

Pacer Pal Game Schedule 19-20 

Nov. 1st pacers vs Cleveland  7pm

nov. 23rd Pacers vs Orlando 7pm *Hickory

Dec. 23rd Pacers vs Toronto 7pm *Hickory

feb. 7th pacers vs Toronto 8pm

march 20th pacers vs Miami 7pm

april 11th pacers vs Orlando 7pm *Hickory