Tiffany's Cheer & Dance Studio

 Experience a fun atmosphere focused on individualized attention!

  We are excited and looking forward to making the 19-20 Cheer Season!

Pointers to remember after placements at the start of the season within Cheer Teams:

  • The team you start out with may not be the team you end up on. Trust the process, work hard and be proud of any team you're on. Our staff worked countless hours on these team placements considering stunt groups, tumbling, jumps and more. 
  • Reminder we are looking for MASTERY of LEVEL Tumbling skills as well as Stunt group potential when forming teams. 
  • Whatever team you are on you will be pushed and have a great experience with Tiffany’s Cheer & Dance Studio! We are excited for the upcoming season and look forward to a great year!
  • *We will still be holding placements with incoming athletes& will accept athletes into the program when we see a good fit for the athlete and program/team throughout the season. 


We set the sale price to the following below, you then decide if the uniform is in good condition for that price or not.  All uniform purchases need to be approved by Tiffany for correct fit before purchase is made!! Thank you!

Used Top Only: $250

Used Skirt Only: $80

Tiny Performance Teamit title.

Names in no order: 

 Zoey Messersmith,  Khaleesi Donald, Monroe Purdue, Callie Reutter, MeKenzie Dee, & Kinley Shamburger.

We have decided to form a Tiny Perforamnce team to take to perform at 2 local high school basketball games & 1 competition exhibition.  This team will meet Mondays 5-6pm.

We have decided to do performance rather than Novice Competition at their age and ability to help them learn to their fullest potential while keeping cost down.  We will begin choreography in August. We will continue to add athletes to this team ages 4-8. :)

Tiny Cheer Champions PINK Tiarras

Mondays 5:00-6:00pm Team Practice

See your TINY Link above for more info!!

Tiny Parent Meeting August 5th 5:30-6:00pm

 * Youth 1 Elite Cheer Champions

Names in no particular order:   Malaney Mayhew, Alyssa Brough, Lucy Malcom, Amelia Brooks, Gracie Guzman,  Elly Holden, Marissa Groce, Alana Henson, Adyson Winbun, & Brittan Taylor.
Level 1 Cheer Champions-
Practice Day- May-April
Thursdays 5:00-6:15 & 6:15-7:15pm

Summer Choreography:

Stunts-June 25th & 27th 9am-4pm & Choreo-July 24th & 25th 9am-4pm * No team practice June 27th or July 25th.

Cheer Hair:  TBA


Extra Practices:  September: 7th 10am-12pm 

November 2nd 10am-12pm & November 16th 9am-10:30am

Cheer Showcase Oct. 6th, 11:00-12:30pm

Cheer Pictures Sunday, November 10th Times TBA

Mini Payment Info:
 Monthly Tuition
Cheer Level 1
 Cheer Camp-clothes fee due May 27th
Dance Camp Fee due June 10th
Dance Comp 
Fees July-March
  L1 Cheer Only
  L1 cheer/mini dance

Level 2-  Summit Cheer Champions

Yazmyn Castillo, Jaylea Jackson, Ella Reutter, Addison Spray, Anna Bohert, Ella Holmes, Bella Hittle, Ruby Scott, Mia Stoneburner, Riley Montgomery, Savannah Duhamell,  Delaney Purdue, Ella Carroll, Zoey Johnson, Louisa Matis, Kendall Smith, Marianna Santillian, Brenna Ryan, Olivia Clark, & Miley Messersmith.


Mondays 5:00-6:00pm Team Tumbling

6:00-7:30pm Team Practice

 & Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm

  Will update based on needs of team on monthly calendar.  Will try to keep at times above.  May lengthen practice Sept-Nov 30 min. to prepare for 1st competition.

Youth 2 Stunt/Pyramid Camp:

July 12th 2-5pm & July 13th 9:30-12pm

Summit Sleepover July 13th 6pm-9am THEME GLOW PARTY

Choreography August 11th 4-9pm & August 12th 4:30-9:30pm

Pictures: November 10th            Cheer Hair: TBA

Extra Practices:  

September 7th 12:30-2:30pm

 November 2nd 12:30-2:30pm & 10:30am-12:00pm

Showcase Oct. 6th 1-3pm

Level 2 Payment Info
 Monthly Fee
 Cheer Comp Fees July-Feb
 Dance Comp Fees July-March
Cheer Camp fee due May 27th
 Dance Camp Fee due June 10th
CC Level 2 Cheer Only
 CC Level  2/ Dance
 depends on team

Junior 3-Summit Cheer Champions

Team Names in no particular Order:     Audrey Edwards, Izzy Kalmas, Lauren Becker, Lyla Strietelmeier, Maddie Dunning, Lili Raju, Taryn Hoffman, Brooklynn Glithero,  Bella Hittle, Abigail Brooks,  Miley Messersmith, Kinnadi Diesslin, Olivia Clark, Alyscia Steele, Maya Brawley.



5:00-6:00pm Team Tumbling

6:00-8:00pm Team Practice 

 & Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm

*May need to switch to Sunday practices Sept-Nov if we have to many conflicts with school cheer. Hopefully not! Will let you know soon.

Pictures: Sunday, November 10th.

Cheer Hair: TBA 

Stunt Camp: July 12-13th

4:30-7pm July 12th & 12:30pm-3pm July 13th 

Summit Sleepover: July 3th 6pm-9am Theme GLOW PARTY

Choreography Camp: August 9th & 10th

August 9th 4:30-9:30pm & August 10th 9am-3pm 

Extra Practices: 

September 14th 10am-12pm

November 3rd 3:30-5:30pm & 16th 12:30-2:00pm

Showcase Oct. 6th 3:30-5:30pm

 Senior 4 Summit Cheer Champions  

Names in no particular order: Brooke Lee, Emmi Brown, Makena Wallace,  Kenzie Fuhr, Kendall Mirise, Emily Ward, Brooklynn Glithero, Emma Dicken, Macy Renfro, Alyscia Steele, Brooklynn Brown, Alexis Hearrell, Ava Thompson, & Lilli Wood. Alternate: Isabela Grieka

Team Practices: May-August & Dec-April

Monday 7-9pm & Wednesday 6-9pm 


 Wed 6-9pm & Sunday 1:00-3:00pm

Pictures: Sunday, November 10th

Cheer Hair: TBA 

Stunt Camp: July 13th 3:00-6:00pm

Summit Sleepover: July 13th 6pm-9am GLOW THEME!

Choreography Camp: August 10-11th:

3-9pm August 10th & 9:30am-3pm on August 11th

Extra Practices: 

September 14th 1-3pm 

 November 3rd 1-3pm & November 16th 2:30-

Showcase Oct. 6th 6-8pm 3:45pm

Summit Cheer Champions
Cheer Comp
Cheer Camp Fee Due May 27th
Dance Comp Fees July-March
 Dance Camp Fee
Due June 10
Senior  4 cheer only
 ---- ----
 Junior 3 Cheer Only
 J3 Summit cheer/Senior Dance
 J3 Summit Cheer/  Youth Dance
 J3 Summit Cheer/ Mini Dance

Monthly Tuition is paid monthly per athlete for ALL SUMMIT TEAMS. $155/month- Tuition is due at the first of each month. First payment due May 20th. Tuition includes 2 weekly team practices, team tumbling, unlimited tumbling & additional practices throughout the season. (5Hrs) ADDITIONAL PRACTICE TIME added on in SEPT, OCT, NOV. Those extra practices make up for First 2 weeks of May & Christmas.


Tumbling Classes NEW this year: We are switching back to Leveled tumbling classes. This will allow us to have more drills for each level every class and push each athlete at a quicker pace by focusing needs with smaller numbers & at their level.  Dont worry about your level!! See our tumbling class page for more info!  Each level will work drills of the next level when ready!!  Each All star athlete includes one level tumbling class in tuition. Each class will have 8 students enrolled.  A discount rate of $45/month for all star members is available for those that want to take more than 1 tumbling class. *These do not include specialty classes.  Enroll in your tumbling class online!!  Tumbling classes run by the session. Must re enroll each session. We will move athletes onto the next level when skills are attained and ready!

Our Tumbling Class schedule will remain  the same till the end of May. Starting in June I will adjust some of the levels/days to match up to our team practice schedule if needed.


Tumbling levels listed below.  This is the tumbling class level you should enroll in!!  Your monthly tuition includes 1 tumbling class!  Sign up today online!

Level 1

Brittan Taylor, Zoey Messersmith, Callie Reutter, Kinley Shambarger, Monroe Purdue, Khaleesi Donald, MacKenzie Dee, Tatumn Kompara, Charlie Kompara, Samira Dickerson, Eshleen Kaur.

Level 2

Marissa Groce, Gracie Guzman, Alana Henson, Alyssa Bough, Adelyn Neely, Lucy Malcom, Isabela Greika, Addyson Cox, Riley Montgomery, Ella Carroll, Zoey Johnson, Anna Bohert, Amelia Brooks, Kendall Smith, Maya Brawley, Marianna Santillian, Brenna Ryan, Savannah Duhamell, Adyson Winbun, & Louisa Matis.

Level 3

Alyscia Steele, Brooklynn Glithero, Mia Stoneburner, Jaylea Jackson, Ella Reutter, Addison Spray, Delaney Purdue, Ruby Scott, Macy Renfro, Emma Dicken, Alexis Hearell, Emily Ward, Caedynce Bales, Lauren Becker, Maddie Dunning, Audrey Edwards, Taryn Hoffman, Bella Hittle, Miley Messersmith, Lili Raju, Lily Pittman, Kinnadi Diesslin , Olivia Clark, Ella Holmes, Yazmny Castillo, Marie Ramsey, 

Level 4/5-Due to small numbers will combine these classes and work on level needed.

Lyla Strietelmier, Izzy Kalmas, Lilli Wood, Brooklynn Brown, Aniya Jordan, Abigail Brooks, Brooke Lee, Makena Wallace, Kendall Mirise, Ava Thompson, Emmi Brown, Kenzie Fuhr.