Tiffany's Cheer & Dance Studio

 Experience a fun atmosphere focused on individualized attention!

Studio Closed the following dates:

July 1-7th (Athletes encouraged to vacation here in summer!

September 2nd – Labor Day Halloween Oct. 31st

October 14-20th - Fall Break November 27th-Dec 1 -Thanksgiving Break 

December 23-January 1st- Christmas Break 

March 23-March 29th– Spring Break May 4-10 Gym closed if attending D2 Summit

  Tiny Dance Champions

We are looking forward to teaching these little ones some hip hop!  We will continue accepting any little ones interested in joining our tiny hip hop team for ages 4-6.  We are going to start this dance team in August!  I have had to move the Tiny Dance team to Thursdays.  7:15-8:00pm  This class will start August 1st. 

Names in No Particular Order:

Zoey Messersmith, Kinley Shambarger, Monroe Purdue.

Mini Dance Champions

We continued to evaluate in June formed the strongest Mini Dance team as promised. :)  We will have a small Mini Hip Hop team of 14.  We are looking forward to a great season!! 

Names in No Particular Order:

Jaylea Jackson,  Lucy Malcom, Bella Hittle, Lyla Strietelmeier, Charli Hite, Marianna Santillian, Gracie Guzman,  Savannah Duhamell, Miley Messersmith, Izzy Kalmas, Amelia Brooks, Louisa Matis, Alexis Jackson, & Kinnadi Diesslin.

For the Month of July Practice Schedule -see Calendar. 

Tuesday- 5-8:00pm  Break for 15 min will change from time to time, will note on FB members page and in calendar.


Pom, Jazz/Technique, & Hip Hop Class

Team Practice All Season June-April:  Tuesdays 5:00-8:00pm- Break 7:00-7:15pm

Extra Practices to prepare for Competition

Saturday, October 5th 9-11am & Saturday, November 23rd 9-11am

Choreography Dates: 

Pom-August 3 & 4th Time 9am-12pm

Hip Hop July 21st 9am-12pm LUNCH BREAK. 1-6pm or 8pm


In House Showcase: Saturday, November 9th 1-3pm Dress Rehearsal and Practice. Pom 1:00-2:00pm. Parents may view Pom at 1:45pm. Change into Hip Hop at 2pm. Parents may view Hip Hop at 2:45pm. Practice ending at 3pm.

Pictures: November 9th 9-11am

Banquet: April 5th at Dyes Walk Country Club

Parade: Franklin Fall Festival September 28th Time TBA usually 10-3pm

Youth Dance Champions

We continued to evaluate the month of June and selected 3 athletes to cross compete to form a small but mighty youth hip hop team.  Congrats to the following. (Names in no particular order)

Mia Stoneburner, Lyla Strietelmeier, Delaney Purdue, Miley Messersmith, Yazmyn Castillo, & Izzy Kalmas.

Youth Dance Champions:   Youth will only compete Hip Hop this season. However, will still take the technique class each Tuesday.  Reminder we may ask Youth Hip Hop to work/focus on Hip Hop more during some practices leading up to competition.  When we do so we will just take them to work on hip hop instead of technique during the time 7-8pm. 


Jazz/Technique Class 7-8pm & Hip Hop Practice 8-9pm Tuesdays

Choreography/Hip Hop Camp: 

Hip Hop- July 20th 12pm-8pm 

Showcase: November 9th 11am-12:30pm, Parents may view 12:15pm. *Dress Rehearsal.

Pictures: November 9th 9-11am TBD exact times. More info to come.

Franklin Fall Parade September 28th 10am-3pm est. time.

Extra Practices-Youth Dance to prepare for Competition:

Saturday, October 5th 12:00-1:30pm Extra Practice

Saturday, November 23rd 12:00-1:30pm Extra Practice


Yay we are super excited to be back in the Small Senior Hip Hop Division!   Senior Dance Age is 12-18 as of August 31, 2019.  You currently have 10 members on your team!  We can take up to 4 more senior age dancers.  We will add dancers to the team when we feel it is a good fit. :)

Names in no particular order: 

Macy Renfro, Makena Wallace, Brooklynn Shipp, Brooke Lee, Lilli Wood, Kaitlyn HItz, Audrey Edwards, Tessa Dunlop, Alyssa Reed, & Brooklynn Glithero. 

Senior Dance Practice for June-July

Tuesday 7:30-9:00pm

Team Practice June-July Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm August-September Tuesdays 7:00-9:00pm October-December Tuesdays 7-9pm & Sundays 1-3pm Jan-April Tuesdays 7-9pm & Possible Sundays 1-3pm TBD We will give out monthly calendars.

Extra Practices to prepare for Competitions.

Saturdays: 8am-11am the following dates-

Saturday, October 5th 1:30-3:00pm

Saturday, November 23rd 1:30-3:00pm 

Thursday Possible Practices. TBD in Monthly Calendars each month.

6-8 or 7-9pm TBD. Possible dates: December 5th, Jan. 23 & 30th, March 5th.

No Practice due to cheer competition/ conflicts on Sundays:

Nov. 17th, Dec. 15th, Jan. 18-19th, Jan. 26th, March 8th, & April 19th.

In House Showcase: Sunday, Nov. 10th 1-3pm Dress Rehearsal. Parents may view 2:45pm.

SENIOR DANCE CAMP: July 22 & 23rd 9-4pm & Possible August 12th 4:30-9pm.

Camp is mandatory for all dance members. During this camp you will learn the hip hop routine. It is very important everyone attend for placement.

More info on what clothes to wear for camp will be posted here soon.

Pictures: November 9th 9-11am TBD exact times & more info to come.


We are excited for another year of Open!   We will continue to accept dancers into the program and finalize teams at the end of July.

Reminder if you plan to do Open you must be age 14 by December 31, 2019 & Older. 

All that are in the Senior Age bracket are required to do Senior Hip Hop.

Macy Renfro, Lilli Wood, Brooke Lee, Kaitlyn Hitz, Makena Wallace, Audrey Edwards, Danielle Petty, Libby Hignite, Tessa Dunlop, Gracie Larmore, Eric Blythe, Olivia Hendrickson, Katie Hendrickson, Romero Gee, Skyla Russel, & Stacie Womper are dancers interested at this time.

Open Dance Team Practice will start in July. 

Thursdays in July 7-9pm begin July 9th.

August- Sundays 3-5 or 2-4pm will set what is best for team.

DANCE Choreography: August 10th 9am-3pm & August 11th 4pm-9:30pm


No Practice due to TCD competition conflicts:

Nov. 17th, Dec. 15th, Jan. 18-19th, Jan. 26th, March 8th, & April 19th.

Thursday Possible Practices. TBD in Monthly Calendars each month.

6-8 or 7-9pm TBD. Possible dates: December 5th, Jan. 23 & 30th, March 5th.

In House Showcase: Sunday, January 12th Time TBD

Worlds Bid: If Worlds bid is attained. Worlds is held in Orlando, Florida at Disney's Coronado Springs. You will be required to arrive April 23 or 24th depending on bid received. Worlds competition will be April 25-27th.  Those on Cheer & Worlds teams are required to return for Cheer Practices on April 28th.



Monthly Tuition is paid monthly per athlete for ALL TEAMS.  Tuition is due at the first of each month.  Late fees are applied after the 5th of the month.

Your competition fees will have the following into the fees:

Dance- Competition fees, *USASF membership yearly fee, Choreography camp fees,Competition Team room fees, music fees, practice clothes, Year End Showcase fee, Coaches fees, Dance costumes, including  Pom Jazz Shoes, Hip Hop Shoes, & Tights. 

The COMP FEES are all fees that can be fundraised for.  These fees will be broken down into 8 installments.  Starting July-February.  Dance Comp fees will have a separate first installment on June 13th to pay for Camp Expenses.  Cost is listed below for each team.  *If you join the program after June you are still responsible for all of comp fees.

COMP FEES will be announced at the parent meeting! They are still estimated till our schedule is set.

Additional Fees not included in monthly tuition or Comp fees:  Warm up & Makeup.  *Additional Team Apparel (optional)

  • Summit Fee: This fee goes towards extra practices April- May for Summit after our regular season has ended, practice room fees, coaches costs to attend Summit, & Practice wear for Summit.
  • At Large Summit Bid Fee to TCD: $285.00 If bid is attained before February. $125 due to TCD January 6th, 2020. $160 due March 12th, 2020. If bid is attained after March 8th, Total of $285 due to TCD 1 week after bid is attained.
  • IF Full Paid Summit Bid is attained- TCD Summit fee is $185.00. If bid is attained before February 2020, due Jan 6th to TCD amount of $100.00. Then Remaining $85 due to TCD March 12th. If bid is attained after March 8th, Total $185 summit fee due to TCD with Paid bid is due one week after bid is attained.

**Those fees do not include Varsity travel fees for Summit. IE: Park passes, comp fee, hotel exp.

2.  Travel expenses are the responsibility of each family & vary depending on competitions

3.  Team Member’s transportation and hotel costs are not included in these prices.

4.  TRAVEL:  It is undecided yet how many comps we will travel. Will finalize this in May after teams have been set. Ohio/IL/KY Options.

Monthly Payment :
 All year-monthly tuition

 DANCE July-March

Comp FEES installments

 DANCE First Installment FEE due June 11th
Mini Dance Only
 $ 184
 $ 200
 Cheer Youth 1/Dance
  $ 16
 $ 200
 Senior Dance/Summit Cheer
$200 June 11
 Youth Dance Only
 $ 162
 $ 200
 Youth Dance/Elite Cheer
 $ 138
 $ 200
 Tiny competitive Dance Only
 $ 150 due August 15th
 Tiny Cheer/Tiny Dance 
  $120  / $130
  54 est cheer
 $ 150
Open Dance/ Cheer/Dance crossover 
 $100 Due July 23rd
 Open Dance Only Ages 18 and older
 $200 Due July 23rd
 Open Dance/ Dance crossover
 $100 due july 23rd
 Mini Dance/ Youth 2 Cheer
Senior Dance Only 
 Tiny Dance Perforamnce
 $21 est.