Tiffany's Cheer & Dance Studio

 Experience a fun atmosphere focused on individualized attention!

Dance Champions is now offered at the ICE Westfield location!!

17435 Tiller Ct Ste B, Westfield IN

You want to learn how to dance?   TCD is an award winning program ready to teach you!  Our dance teams have attended both Summit and Worlds!  We have TCD alumni who have gone on to dance for the Indiana Pacers Hype Crew a hip hop team & Indiana Pacemates.

Whether you want to learn to dance for fun or for a future we want to help you! New or experienced!! We welcome both!  We look forward to meeting you soon.  You can enroll in our Dance Champions Placement Clinic on August 17th on our home link here on the website.  Click on our customer portal pay link to sign up.  Look for the ICE Dance Champions Placement Link!

Click below for more information on the Dance Placement Clinics.

Dance Placement Clinics 2019 Westfield Location

Click on the link below for our Dance Placement Waiver.


If you would like a flyer on pricing and more info send an email to